Disaster Response

How can you be involved with disaster relief throughout the country? Click below to directly support those affected by the disaster and who are in current crisis.

Cameron Peak Fire & Spring Flooding


We are currently responding to these disasters! To learn more and get involved, click here!

Hurricane Dorian


As you know Hurricane Dorian has devastated portions of the Bahamian Islands and authorities are just now starting to assess and plan for relief supplies. Many of you have seen the heartbreaking images of the destruction this storm has brought to the lives of thousands of people. Please continue to pray for the residents of the Islands and the first responders as they put themselves in jeopardy to assist others!

There are still many safety concerns across the islands, so there are no team activities or rebuilding efforts in the near future. Right now, the islanders need fresh water supplies and other immediate relief supplies, so all efforts are focused on shipping those materials to them. There will be a time to focus on rebuilding, and we will be sure to keep you in the loop when it’s time to partner with trusted organizations who can lead that work.

SERVE 6.8 is part of a large network of churches and some of the largest disaster relief organizations in the country; together, we coordinate the activities of churches and partners across the nation in times of disaster. The information we are receiving is right from partner organizations who are on the ground in the Bahamas. Those partner organizations are sharing a three-prong way to support their efforts:

  1. Convoy of Hope is on the ground in the Bahamas preparing to take care of the most pressing food and water supplies.Convoy is a trusted partner, and many of our churches support them, so let’s continue to help them do their work. You can support their mission financially by visiting their website and donating to support their efforts to bring immediate relief supplies to the region; convoyofhope.org
  2. A team from Mercy Chefs is on their way to the Bahamas to deliver water purification kits and to establish feeding locations. If you have ever worked around Mercy Chefs in disaster work, you know they are the best in the business. You can financially support their important work by visiting their website at mercychefs.com
  3. Operation Compassion is an organization taking the lead in providing warehousing and shipping services to support the ongoing needs of residents of the Bahamas. If you want to financially contribute towards the items that will be needed, and the cost to ship them, please check out their work at operationcompassion.org

Thank you for taking the time to support our partners who are caring for the most vulnerable and advancing the Gospel in Word and Deed. We will keep you updated with additional opportunities as they develop.

Nebraska Flooding



Major flooding has affected multiple cities in eastern Nebraska. The SERVE 6.8 Team was contacted by 1C church in Columbus, NE who were actively searching for a solution and assistance. Team members traveled here and are assisting to build a model to handle incoming donations, project management, volunteer teams, and more! There are many homes, farms, and individual families who have been drastically impacted.


Direct assistance is being administered to the cities of:

  • Columbus, NE - this is a minimally affected city where distribution will begin.
  • North Bend
  • Fremont
  • St. Edward

Additional Organizations Involved: