Where churches work in unity to build ministries that will serve their communities.

The ministries of SERVE 6.8 encourage and lead families towards sustainability. Each ministry illustrates unique passions of local churches, where then SERVE 6.8 is able to assist by creating processes, building relationships in the community, and creating a space for church unity to address current needs in our community.

Year-Round Ministries

68 Boutique



(Food Shopping)


(Resource Navigation and Plan Building)


(Employment Assistance)

Community Impact 

(Small Projects and Moves)

...And More!

(Care Repairs, Legal Consultation, Etc.)

Seasonal Ministries




(Annual Church Outreach Day)

Disaster Relief 

(Local and National Assistance)

SERVE 6.8 is a partnership of churches who follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. We respect everyone’s personal beliefs and wish to provide space for people to encounter Jesus if they so choose. We therefore ask, that whatever your personal beliefs, you respect the beliefs and the mission of the churches who make this space possible.