to mobilize, resource, and connect the local Church in order to fulfill its role in a community


Our vision is to build up the local Church to meet the needs of a community while reconciling broken relationships with God, self, other, and creation. We will mobilize, resource, and connect the local Church with both volunteer and biblical care principles to fulfill the work they have been called to do in the name of Jesus Christ. 




Mobilize. We believe the Church has been commanded to meet the world's biggest needs, we should be ready to respond.


Resource. We believe in providing the local Church with the materials and knowledge needed to fulfill its role in the community.


Connect. We believe in restoring those serving and those being served to a right relationship with God, self, others, and creation.


To mobilize the Church to respond to local, regional, and national needs by creating processes for volunteerism in every day service, special events, and disaster.

To resource the local church to meet the needs of their church body and the larger community that align with the mission and goals of each individual church.

To holistically and authentically walk alongside individuals while connecting them with a local church to lead them towards reconciliation with Christ and meet their material needs